Treat Unto You as You Would Treat Unto Others

Let’s say, you have a family member, a friend, a co-worker who is following a program, has a plan, has some focus, has a goal, or a series of goals.  They’re trucking along with their plan, they’re successful in getting to where they need to be to meet their goal(s).  Tracking their points or food, logging their workouts,  they’re “in the zone”.

Now something happens where they fall off their plan. A sickness in the family, or more than usual stress at work, or they just don’t want to track for that day, and they start beating themselves up over it. “What’s the matter with me?” “Stupid”. “Idiot”. “You big fat cow”. “Might as well throw the whole day away now….who wants pizza?”

Do you go along with them? (I mean other than the pizza?). Do you agree and echo those sentiments?

My guess is that you probably don’t.

You probably say, “Nah, come on…it’s one workout you missed”.

“It’s one meal, you have 21 every week”.

“Look how far you come, keep going”.

You’d be someone who is pretty supportive, upbeat, point out the positives when someone is being the opposite of that to themselves. It’s a really nice place to be in, right?

Now, let’s say you’re that person who is following a program, has a plan, has some focus, has a goal, or a series of goals.  You’re trucking along with their plan, you’re successful in getting to where you need to be to meet your goal(s).  Tracking your points or food, logging your workouts,  you’re “in the zone”.

Then you find yourself off plan, not tracking, missing a workout. Are you that same supportive person you’d be to a friend? Or are you hard and beating yourself up over it?

Why can’t we live in that space of self positivity? If your advice or support is good enough for someone else, it sure is good enough for you.

I used to beat myself up over poor decisions I made. This didn’t hold much weight because I continued to make these poor decisions.

151 pounds lost, I still make decisions that aren’t the best. I still will eat a whole pizza, or a whole row of cookies but don’t make them as often, and I try not to dwell on it. I try not to throw negatives at myself.

If this journey with WW has taught me anything, it’s cut myself some slack. If I eat a whole pizza or those cookies, I own it, I track it, and I move on, regardless of how many points they are, or how negative my point balance is. It’s one meal. Or it’s one missed workout.

So now I tell myself, don’t be so hard on yourself, you’ve come so far, and have done so much, this doesn’t have to snowball. I step back, and assess, what would I say if it were a friend or co worker.

It’s about having a positive dialogue with yourself and follow the “New” Golden Rule “Treat Unto You as You Would Treat Unto Others”

Excuse me…You’re in My Seat

January 1st!!!! Happy New Year!!!! Lot of people are resetting, refocusing, making resolution’s, making a self promise to be healthier.

I was sitting in my WW Studio this past Saturday (12/29) listening to a conversation the group of ladies behind me was having.

“Can you imagine how busy this place will be next Saturday?”

“I hope no one takes  my seat”

“Most  of them won’t be here in a couple weeks anyway, they’ll quit”

Image result for minions What?

Did I really just here that?  Hope no one takes your seat???  Didn’t know they were assigned.

It doesn’t matter whether people join January 1st, March 1st, August 14th, or November 11th…they are making a decision to get themselves healthier.

It takes a lot of courage to walk through those doors of a WW Studio.  It takes a lot of searching to figure out your “Why?”.

I hope is standing room only, this coming Saturday.  It’s a chance to meet new people, a chance to network and get new ideas, recipes, workout routines.  If you see a new face, introduce yourself, make them feel comfortable, they’ve taken a move to step out of their comfort zone and I think that’s awesome.

I wish I said something to that group of ladies last Saturday, but I didn’t

Everyone’s story is different and unique.  Everyone’s journey is their own.

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